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Cursing Toddler

It’s going down in Omaha, Nebraska in a very strange way. A video has gone viral of a toddler cursing, making sexual comments and flipping off the camera….and all of it was at his families encouraging. The family posted the video without blurring out the toddler’s identity which prompted the Omaha Police Union to get involved and repost it on their website with a caption that said,

Heartbreaking Video Shows “The Thug Cycle” Continuing

The Union Website had this to say about the video,

“So a loyal follower alerted us to a local thug’s public Facebook page today.

She was outraged about what the thug had just posted for all to see.

We here at viewed the video and we knew that despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.”

Take a look at the video in question below. It will show the video that was posted originally and then the debate that took place on CNN after the fact.

This is a very discouraging situation on all fronts. We feel as though law enforcement while probably thinking they were doing the right thing violated this child by posting the video at all. Upon hearing this story we at The Urban Daily decided to do a little more digging to see what else we could find out about the baby boy at the center of the controversy. What we discovered was just as heartbreaking as the original story itself.

According to TJ Holmes the former CNN news anchor there is a whole lot that wasn’t brought up in the debate that should be examined in this situation.

Holmes is reporting that,

“The Nebraska toddler has been taken into protective custody, and the court documents related to the case reveal that little boy you see in the video lives in a home along with his grandmother, his 17-year-old mother, his two aunts, his uncle, and his baby cousin. However, the child’s 19-year-old aunt is currently in charge of the house.  That’s because grandma has been away since Dec. 17th and currently resides at the Douglas County jail on weapons charges.  The toddler’s 15-year-old uncle is also away right now.  He’s currently in the Douglas County Youth Detention Center on weapons charges as well. The cursing tots grandfather is currently serving time in the Nebraska State Penitentiary, and his biological father is deceased.   Meanwhile, the whereabouts of his baby cousin’s father are unknown at this time. Also, in October, the toddler was one of 5 people injured in a shooting at the family home.  Yes, at the age of 2, the little boy has already survived a shooting.”

For those in the black community this is something that we take seriously and often times personally even when we don’t know the people involved. And to hear about what all this child has been through before his third birthday is gut wrenching to the say the least.  But labeling him a thug in training was wrong. Posting the video no matter how sincere the intentions may have been was not fair to a child who has yet to even shed his diaper. For all any of us know that little boy may grow up to be a surgeon or an architect or an engineer or even the President Of The United States. But if you label him a thug fresh out of the gate you damage his image of himself….therefore making you complicit in his outcome. Not every black child needs saving from the bigger society at large despite what many movies and TV shows would like us to believe. We’re just saying.

We hope that where ever that little boy is resting his head tonight he is safe and happy because in the end that is what he needs more than anything….our judgment of him and other little boys in his same situation…. is something he can live without.

What do you think? Did the Police Union go too far? Take our poll and have your say.


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