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Deaf man assaultedThe Oklahoma Highway Patrol is in the middle of doing some serious damage control. A man named Pearl Pearson was beaten by the highway patrol after they claim he fled a scene of a car accident.


The police claim Pearson was resisting arrest when they caught up to him because Pearson refused to show his hands despite the police demanding him to do so. (It should also be noted the police say they didn’t know the man was deaf.) As a result of Pearson not showing his hands, an altercation happened that lasted seven minutes.

Pearl Pearson’s attorney, Billy Coyle, has a different version of events. Coyle stated, “My client is completely innocent of these allegations. We are waiting on the OHP report and we are sorting  through the facts of the case. My client is profoundly deaf and was trying to give officers his specialty license during the stop.”

Coyle went on to say Pearson was severely beaten at the scene, the hospital, and jail.

While Perl Pearson and his lawyer are suing mad, Pearson’s neighbor is a nit more understanding to the situation and believes all of this is a huge misunderstanding. Pearson’s neighbor, Sacia Law said, “I know they do dangerous jobs and they put their lives on the line, but that is over the top. It’s completely unacceptable. Seven minutes of just basically beating someone?”

Lt. Brian Orr said in a statement, “We can confirm the arrest and charges were filed for leaving the scene of an accident and resisting arrest. The case went to the Oklahoma County District Attorney and any details of this case will have to come from the DA’s office. We will review the arrest administratively and if it is determined there were violations of department policy, we will take appropriate action.”

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