Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Minus “Drumline,” anytime you hear Nick Cannon is starring in a film, run far far away. “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” is a prime example. Basically, this is another where the sexy girl doesn’t like the geek until he changes his style and then she falls for him after he becomes a jerk. She gets mad at him and herself. When he realizes she is really in love, he apologizes and they live out senior year happily ever after. As much as this movie truly sucked, we can’t front that Nick Cannon did get with his co-star Christina Milian in real life. If you’ve seen her old King Magazine spreads, you know there’s no way to hate on that.

Breaking All The Rules

At a certain point in the early 2000s, Morris Chestnut was the go-to guy in every terrible ass black romantic comedy created. Check his IMDB. But “Breakin All The Rules” was probably the worst. Jamie Foxx writes a relationship book and Chestnut and his love interest Gabrielle Union run into trouble figuring out their relationship until they stop letting a book by a broken-hearted man ruin their love. After watching this movie, you might lose faith in black screenwriters as well as real love.

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