This is the sole reason Eddie Murphy didn’t win an Oscar for his scene-stealing performance in “Dreamgirls.” Murphy was set to win and a week before the Academy voted, “Norbit” came out. While the delivery of some lines are enough to induce a chuckle, there’s no way in the world Thandie Newton would be so hard up for a geek like Norbit that she would deal with a woman like Rasputia. And Rasputia? Really?

How To Be A Player

Bill Bellamy was one of the brown skin brothas helping keep us in style in the early 90s. So it was natural he would do a movie about macking a bevy of beauties. However, if you get advice from the original Mack, Max Julien, and you still get caught, you ain’t really pimping the way you thought you were. On top of that, dude’s sleazy ways would’ve gotten him caught in thirty seconds if he tried to pull that mess now. Screenshots and social media don’t play that.

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