If you remember the name of this craptastic film, welcome to my misery party. Tisha Campbell, Paula Jai Parker, Joe Torrey, and some other actor have a battle of the sexes that ends in love in one relationship and vengeance and spitefulness in the other. Am I the only one who noticed the dark skinned couple were the dysfunctional ones and the light skinned couple somehow got it together? No shade, but shade!

Last Holiday

Yes, it’s a cute movie for the over fifty set, but it is all out trash. Queen Latifah is a talented actress, but even she isn’t convincing when it comes to loving men in films. Moreover, she and LL Cool J just looked awkward as hell kissing and such. It was as awkward as Prince and Apollonia making out in “Purple Rain.” Yeah, I took it there. I’m just going to need Queen Latifah to stick to playing gun-toting back robbers or singing prison wardens. Please and thanks.

10 Worst Romantic Comedies  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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