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The Ying Yang Twins said, “Don’t start no sh*t, won’t be no sh*t,” and yet the Housewives of Atlanta are pushing, shoving, and finger wagging all over the place wondering why people are feeling froggy and leaping. After last episode’s debacle Bravo gave us time to process the crazy, but the ladies returned this week to rehash the pajama party gone wrong, figure who was really at fault and I think we were all reminded of an old hood proverb — “don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin’.”

Kandi sideeye

In the aftermath of the Apollo and Brandon exchange, things were starting to cool off when Kandi, never one to let anyone speak ill about her man, felt it was necessary to discuss what was said about Todd being an opportunist, again. Honestly, at this point I’m so tired of hearing about Todd’s mystery plan to use Kandi as a come up. I’m beginning to think she may be using him to keep her drama quota up for the season. Maybe you’re the opportunist Kandi! Stop using Todd to get more camera time! Okay, no, seriously this discussion is a broken record that needs to be silenced.

When “Don’t Mess With My Man” Burress jumped up to air her grievances this opened up the door for Cynthia to defend the conversation she and Peter had with Natalie and Christopher initially. As Cynthia approached Kandi to converse and standing at 5’11 she made Kandi feel like a munchkin. And what do Munchkins do when they feel threatened? They attack. In the midst of the hands in faces and yelling happening somehow Cynthia’s sister was able to push Kandi and send her into a rage. I will say I’m not sure why Malorie felt the need to get involved in the argument, considering she’s in Atlanta on a bus pass that can expire at any time, she needed to stay quietly in the background like Big Homie Chuck while these kooks figured things out. Nonetheless her shove and Cynthia’s close proximity had Kandi turning sour very quickly. Hopefully this will be the last of Ms. Burress coming to her man’s rescue, because like she mentioned to Natalie – “We don’t care about what you have to say.”

Todd holds Kandi back

REWIND: The foolishness

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Nene’s event turned into the worst pajama party ever, I mean hello, Porsha was the first to leave. But what none of us understood was why she blamed the entire situation on Kenya. Sure, Kenya overstepped her boundaries as usual but truly the questions all derived from the brain of Nene. So when she and Greg paid a visit to the Thomas residence to figure out where the evening went awry, I was annoyed. While Nene says she had to visit a therapist post incident and Cynthia claims she may never feel comfortable around Kandi again, all I can think is, here is why you don’t provoke people. If you push someone too far they will react. Hence the encounter between Chris and Kenya, Apollo and Brandon, and Kandi and Cynthia escalated.

Let’s be clear: Nene opened a can of worms and was then upset when the birds went crazy taking the bait. At the very least she should accept her role in attributing to the fights, because she was the ringleader behind it all. She started the mess and then claimed she didn’t want it. Mrs. Leakes, you need more people.

Nene and Cynthia after the fight

Thankfully Kandi had the courtesy and sense to recognize the error of her ways and extend her hand to rectify the situation with the ladies. After all, Nene was not going to initiate any sort of meeting – you know with her being so traumatized by the whole situation. I commend Kandi on attempting to address her wrong in the problem.

What I find terrible is Phaedra not acknowledging that Apollo beat up Brandon in a silk blend bathrobe for no reason and Nene’s choice in hair, but I guess that’s beside the point. In the end these adults allowed themselves to be offended by a line of questioning they willingly signed up for and then couldn’t handle it once things got real. Rather than getting up from the safety of her beanbag Kenya could have simply told Christopher her thoughts, Brandon wouldn’t have had to jump to get knocked down, Kandi wouldn’t have had to morph into her hoodrat alter ego, and Cynthia wouldn’t be fearing for her life after threats from a person to reaches her nipples. What needs to be said isn’t a series of, “oh no she didn’ts” or “uh uh’s!” but instead in the future, don’t fuel a fire.

Because if nothing gets started, nothing has to be finished.

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