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Trey Songz Did That Calvin Klein Thirst Trap Pic For A Reason

Remember that thirst trap pic Trey Songz posted of himself on Instagram with a pair of Calvin’s? Yeah, we did, too. But, it looks like he wasn’t doing it just to get the ladies going.

According to reports, Trigga Trey posted the picture as a part of Calvin Klein’s social media campaign #MyCalvins. The iconic brand tapped 100 celebs, including Trey, to rock CK’s new Dual Tone underwear and post selfies using the hashtag #mycalvins and, obviously, the effort is working:

“The first few selfies posted have already generated over 1 million interactions, among a global audience of over 50 million users. Trey Songz who has a combined following of over 26 million fans on his official social media accounts, posted two photos that, in less than two hours, made the hashtag #mycalvins trend on Twitter across four continents. Which totally makes sense; I mean, look at him.”

Obviously. We’re here for this particular thirst trap.


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