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Ouch…this story is truly heartbreaking.  As we previously reported, Paula Patton and Robin Thicke who have been together since Jr. High School, released a statement announcing that they are separating. But according to TMZ this was not really what Robin wanted…but it’s what Paula is forcing him to accept. TMZ reports that upon learning of Paula’s desire to file for divorce on Friday, Robin cancelled his concert in Atlanta and blamed it on throat problems then jumped on a flight to Canada where Paula is currently shooting a movie. He wanted to sit down with his wife and try to work things out.

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However, he ultimately realized that Paula was resolute in ending their 22 year relationship because they have not been getting along for some time…and he finally…reluctantly agreed. Robin then cancelled his Orlando show so that he could go back home and spend time with the couple’s child. Sources tell TMZ that they are both very upset. (Understandably so.) We have to imagine that after being with someone since childhood…for more than half of your entire life….and then realizing that you are not going to be with them anymore…must be one of the hardest things in the world to go through. Remember…this couple didn’t get together during their rises to fame…they were childhood sweethearts. They supported one another’s dreams and goals. They both made it into their dream careers together and now after finding tremendous success…the consequences of fame…are going to see them walking away from one another. And regardless of who did what to whom…it’s sad. This was a real couple… not one of Hollywood’s making and it really is a shame to see these two separating. But who knows…there is nothing written in stone that says they must stay a part. Maybe just some time and a little distance from their issues will give them a chance to miss each other and possibly rethink this decision. We’re just saying…couples break up and get back together all the time. Because of the length of their relationship…and all that they were able to be together…we hope this doesn’t get ugly…and if we’re being honest..we sort of hope they can work it out. But no matter what they do…we hope they will be happy. And as for Robin’s fans who are frustrated by his concerts being cancelled…we’re pretty sure it wouldn’t have been the show that you wanted to see anyway. It’s pretty hard to sing songs that you wrote for the love of your life minutes after they told you that they want to leave you. Give the man a few moments. We can’t imagine hearing him sing “Lost Without You” and not feeling ridiculously sad for him now….can you?






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