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car_1The accident happened at Joseph Lowery Boulevard near Wheeler Street in northwest Atlanta.

Police say the crash may be tied to a robbery that happened near Atlantic Station and that they were possibly being followed by their victims.

“We were not involved in any type of pursuit, resulting in this accident,” said Atlanta Police Department’s Sgt. Greg Lyon. “There is a possibility, that the victims were following the perpetrators.  But all of that is being verified right now.”

The victims, a man and a woman, were already at the scene when police arrived.

When the car was inspected, police say they recovered what they believe are the stolen items.

Police say the Jeep probably hit a train crossing on Lowery Boulevard, lost control, hit a fire hydrant, then hit a silver power pole before going up an embankment.

The Jeep was so smashed; firefighters had to actually cut the top off to get the two men out.

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