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For Naya Rivera, the bad news just keeps piling on. First rapper Big Sean called off their engagement, then she was allegedly fired from “Glee,” and now rumor has it she’s been dropped from her record label.

According to Billboard, Columbia Records confirmed reports that the 27-year-old beauty is no longer on their roster. She was one of the first “Glee” stars to land a solo deal. She announced plans to start working on an album 2011, but we’ve only head one record since then. “Sorry” was released last September to poor reviews and digital sales.

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In response, Naya’s people released a statement, denouncing the alleged “rumors.”

Any rumors or statements made as fact, that Naya Rivera was fired or let go from “Glee” or dropped from her recording contract, are categorically false. Someone obviously has an agenda to damage Naya’s good name and the media are failing at their duty to responsibly vet their sources and verify what is true and what is not. Naya’s attorneys are prepared to take any and all legal action to enforce and protect her rights.

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Despite what the rep for the singer/actress says, Billboard is sticking to their story. The magazine insists she’s been removed from Columbia Records website and they verified the report with “multiple sources” at the label.

Rumor has it she’s also been written out of “Glee’s” season finale, airing on May 23.

Looks like the saying is true: when it rains, it pours.


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