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So apparently it isn’t just racist NBA team owners that are being taped out here! Allegedly former Scandal star Columbus Short decided to film his wife acting a straight up fool about another woman being in her home with her husband. According to TMZ, Short shot the video to show his estranged wife was the violent one in their relationship. Uhh yeah we’re not convinced she’s the only one but we digress!

As we previously reported, Columbus was arrested for domestic violence for an incident in which he was accused of beating his wife Tanee McCall (the woman on top in the video).

Well TMZ reports that the next day… upon Columbus getting bailed out of jail, he asked his friend Tilly Key to come to his house to pick him up. Sources tell TMZ that Tanee lost all of her shizz when she saw Tilly in the house and that’s when Tanee reportedly attacked Tilly.

Tilly wanted TMZ to post the video, to show Tanee is violent and even threatened her life.  

Take a look at the altercation below!

So, we have 2 issues with this situation. First of all…why is Short FILMING THE FIGHT and NOT PROTECTING his “friend” who just came over to help him out? Hell we halfway expected to see him in the camera hollering “Worlllllllld Starrrrrr!”

Tilly says she suffered a concussion, a cervical sprain, multiple contusions, a lumbar sprain and lumbar strain…if it was that serious we wonder how she is still cool with someone who would film that mollywhop instead of STOP her from getting that type of beat down?

And secondly, we don’t know what happened prior to this whole thing jumping off. We don’t know what anyone did or said or both to get this woman potentially out of her character. Therefore, it’s not exactly fair to judge simply because there are  too many unknown factors about what took place before the camera started filming. (Not that we condone violence of any kind…we’re just saying!)

Mr. Short, please sir…we’re begging you….stop doing things to put yourself front and center in the press in the midst of chaos and negativity. This is not what we all want to remember you for…really. We liked you on Scandal fixing the problem…not being the problem in several scandals of your own.


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