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When it comes to giving relationship advice, Tasha Smith is brutally honest. Along with keeping it real, the “For Better or Worse” star urges women to have forgiveness in their hearts when it comes to infidelity.

During an interview with The Grio, Smith said women should not throw away their relationship the first time a guy cheats. “After a certain amount of time that you have established your relationship with your mate, if there is a mistake that’s made…if there is true repentance in that mistake and true change and it’s not going to be an ongoing problem, I feel like listen ladies, don’t give up your marriage or your relationship over one piece of booty,” she said.

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But, she added, “if its 100 pieces of booty and it’s all the time and everyday and every time I turn around, he may need some therapy before he can really work that out.”

The actress, who’s been married to hubby Keith Douglas for three years, said she feels like “everything is open for a conversation for restoration and forgiveness.”

“No person is perfect. I thank God I haven’t had any infidelity issues but you know what you can’t say what you won’t do,” she admitted. “You can’t say that you won’t have forgiveness in your heart if there happens to be an issue with that.”

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“If you do have a situation of infidelity and you chose to work it out and forgive and move on, you really have to move on,” she concluded. “Move on in order to start fresh with your relationship.”

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