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The most sought out Nike Air Raid in the “Peace” colorway will finally see some light sometime this year but for now we get a quick preview of the retro sneaker which was worn by NBA great Tim Hardaway back in the early ’90s. The Peace colorway will make its way onto a few out Nike models in the future but the colorway was originated on the Air Raid sneaker.

The colorway way is being dubbed the “Urban Jungle Gym” pack, and will be found on Nike Air Force and a newer colorway of the Air Raid, all which will be feature the tribal squiggle and multicolor patterns. Nike and Spike Lee launched the “Live Together, Play Together” ad campaign way back in 1992 that featured the Air Raid sneaker.  The strapped shoe comes in a grey and black upper with multi-color found on the straps, the mud guard and heel. The patterns can also be found on the tongue, tag and hell tag, finishing off the look with the iconic Peace sign on the cross-straps. 

Nike-Air-Raid-Peace-02 Nike-Air-Raid-Peace-03 Nike-Air-Raid-Peace-05

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