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It’s always harder to get out of trouble than it is to get into it. One Florida woman is learning the hard way because she’s trying to divorce her incarcerated husband, but can’t serve him with papers because his location is being kept a secret because he’s in the Witness Protection Program.

Scott Rothstein is a federal prison inmate whose exact location is being kept under wraps because he’s in the Witness Protection Program. This is making it difficult for his estranged wife and accomplice Kim Rothstein, 40, to serve him with divorce papers. Kim Rothstein first filed for divorce from Scott back in November, but due to all of the red tape, she hasn’t been able to complete the divorce proceedings.


52-year-old Scott Rothstein is serving 50 years behind bars after he admitted he ran a Ponzi scheme that raked in more than $1.4 billion. He’s being held in Witness Protection because he testified against some suspected organized crime members. Kim Rothstein, who is in prison serving 18months for hiding assets from bankruptcy officials and prosecutors, and her attorney Jamie Morris have filed documents detailing the obstacles they’ve faced trying to serve Scott Rothstein with these papers. Morris had to ask a judge for more time because the judge wanted to dismiss the divorce because Scott hadn’t been served within the required 120 days.

When speaking to a local news outlet, Jamie Morris said, “We are working under a very unique set of circumstances. Since Mr. Rothstein is being held in an undisclosed location, we have encountered some difficulty.”

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