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After having great success with his first three albums, Finally Famous (2011), Cruel Summer (2012) and Hall of Fame (2013), respectively. Detroit rapper Big Sean has shown that he is much more than a one hit wonder as he continues to take the hip hop world by storm with his unique lyrical style and sound. Although 2014 is nearing an end, Big Sean couldn’t be more excited for the future going into 2015.

He has already released a song not so subtly titled “I Don’t Fu*k With You” to let the world know that he doesn’t mess with a certain someone anymore. However, on Wednesday morning, Big Sean did make it clear that he does fu*k with Detroit’s NEW Live and ONLY Local hip-hop morning show, The Morning Heat with Big Greg, Deelishis and comedian Foolish, as he sat down for an exclusive sit down interview.

During the interview, Big Sean talks about his upcoming album, who could possibly be on the album. However, he also keeps it real, as he speaks about beef in the world of hip hop and his never-ending grind to be the best. Along that, Sean also discusses his endorsement deal with Adidas through which he has released his own “Detroit Player” line of sneakers. In fact, everyone’s favorite model, Deelishis, even puts Sean on the hot seat, as she tests his knowledge on his hometown, Detroit.

Listen to the Morning Heat’s exclusive interview with Detroit’s very own Big Sean below:

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Digital Producer of The Morning Heat and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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