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We have two words for this one…Eww and Wee!!! OK, so apparently on today’s episode of the show, the gals over at “The Real” decided it was a good idea to address Karrueche Tran‘s need to get rid of her man Chris Brown for not being a very good boyfriend.

Welp, Breezy heard what they had to say and  took to his Instagram account over it. Needless to say, CB came out swinging hard on them for talking about his relationship on national TV in such a disrespectful way!

Take a look at what they said that set Brown off in the video below!



Now take a look at what Chris had to say about their little discussion!

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So yeah…that happened!

Of course Tamar is never one to be outdone…so she took to her own IG and let her feelings about the whole situation be known.

Well, the original post mysteriously disappeared from Chris Brown’s IG page. However a post popped up from Karrueche! You know she had words for the chicas over at “The Real”! See for yourself!



Here’s the thing ladies…if you’re gonna talk trash then you have to be prepared to be confronted about it…period. While you have the right to share your thoughts, Chris also has the right to feel every kind of way in the world about you and your thoughts.

It’s one thing when someone does something that has them in the headlines anyway but if they are just chillin trying to live life and you come at them sideways and unprovoked be prepared! That backlash may come swiftly and it can be super punishing…especially if there was never any real reason to bring their name up in the first place!

Welcome to the wonderful world of reporting….that’s how it goes down!

Okay readers, we’re going to leave this one up to you guys! Was a line crossed here on either side? Take our poll and have your say!

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