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It seems like Ne-yo’s music isn’t making all women weak at the knees. His voice could possibly be a lethal weapon…


Zoe Fennessy, 26-years-old, says Ne-yo is the reason for her seizures. She began having this problem in 2006 and doctor’s diagnosed her with being stressed, but when Zoe heard the song, ‘Give Me Everything’ featuring Pit Bull her small problem became extremely bizarre.

After realizing that Ne-yo’s harmonies were linked to her induced seizures, she went back to the doctor.

The song was really popular and I went to my consultant and I said, I know this sounds extremely bizarre, but every time I hear this song I have a seizure.

The physician confirmed her suspicion and told her that when she has these spells, it goes to the right side of her brain. He performed brain surgery last June to remove part of Zoe’s left frontal lobe, but to no prevail. Her symptoms still remained the same.

Zoe says that it doesn’t happen when she hears similar voices like, Usher and the doctor told her it could be the tone in Ne-yo’s voice that triggers the seizures.

I don’t dislike Ne-yo or his music, it just dislikes me unfortunately. I’ll be walking around the supermarket dong my food shopping and I have to put my earphones in to listen to my own music just in case it comes on.

This is so sad… I feel bad for the young lady and it’s so unfortunate she can’t rock to Ne-yo’s music. Especially recently because ‘She Knows’ goes in!!! Maybe she can just listen to Juicy J’s part. SORRY FOR YA

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