Kris Jenner All White Shade

Did Kris Jenner commit the ultimate thirsty sin this weekend? According to the Bey Hive yes…she did!

Shortly after the pics went up of the uniqueness that was the Solange Knowles wedding, Kris Jenner posted a pic that showed her with all her daughters and coincidentally they were all in white.

Hmm….that might not be enough to head over to her mansion with pitch forks and torches but there’s more to the story.

Vlad TV reports that Beyonce and Solange fans think that Kris posted this to take away from the recognition of Solange’s wedding photos. The internet went ballistic when the wedding photos dropped and the Knowles sister’s fans seem to think that Jenner tried to upstage the wedding shots by showing that the Kardashian clan were the first to pose in all white.  

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But…if this is true and she did it to try to take away from the Solo wedding hype that was breaking across the internets at the time then we have another theory as to why that might have happened.

Her daughter Kim was supposed to “break the internet” with her naked thot pics last weekend. If Solo upstaged that then momager Kris probably felt all sorts of mad. Her daughter had to get extra naked to get attention while Solo et al were dressed to the nine’s and are being praised for being CLASSY!

Doh! You really can’t make this stuff up!

Wave goodbye Kris…cause the fans are over it. But there is still a bright can still sit back and count your millions and we guess that’s better than nothing right?


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