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A few weeks ago, Wiz Khalifa hooked up with adult film star, Carla Howe. The two did “the deed” and apparently it was all caught on tape. Although Wiz denies knowing their “intimate moment” was being taped, there are staged photos of Wiz and Carla (in great lighting) floating around the net.

Fast forward to the present, honchos at popular adult film company, Vivid Entertainment are offering the couple a six-figure paycheck to release the film. Clearly Wiz is not ready for the world to see what he’s “working with” because he is blocking the release of the film. But the real question is, would you watch it? (LOL!)

From TMZ

Wiz Khalifa‘s got a lot of problems — about six figures worth — the Playboy model he banged last week is close to cashing in big time on a sex tape … but there’s just one hang up.

Our porn sources tell us vixen Carla Howe is very close to making a deal with Steve Hirsch at Vivid Entertainment. Carla’s totally down to sell the footage for the right price. Problem is … if Wiz doesn’t sign off … Vivid can’t release the porno.

TMZ broke the story … Wiz and Carla hooked up last week, took a bunch of pics, and — she says — shot footage of their bang sesh. Wiz admits doing the deed, but claims he had no idea it was being recorded.