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Hello Beautiful, get ready to be taken on a hair extravaganza with no other than Fredric Fekkai stylist to the stars, Johnny Wright! He’s worked with Vanessa Williams, Selita Ebanks and HB style icon Michelle O – just to name a few. Sit back and get to know the hair genius while I quiz him about hair products, discuss my “wrap woes”, and find out why hair clients should give up on chemistry.

HELLO BEAUTIFUL: Black hair is unlike any other hair type. Are there any special regimens black women should have?

JOHNNY WRIGHT: The number one thing I would say is condition, condition, condition! Make sure it’s well-conditioned from root to end. I hear people say not to over-condition the hair. That’s ridiculous. There’s no such thing as over-conditioning the hair.

There are a lot of women, like myself, who can’t afford to go to the salon every 4-8 weeks. What can readers do to maintain healthy hair?

One thing I would say is if you can’t afford going to a salon, have a professional product line at home.

Quick, name top hair products every black woman should have in their bathroom!

Number one is conditioner, of course. Secondly, I would recommend a great anti-frizz [product]. Fredric Fekkai has a great anti-frizz called Fekkai Perfecteur Anti Frizz in the “coiff” line. Thirdly, a nice light sheen for the hair – a lot of times, [hair] can be a little dull. Tech Glaze is awesome and gives hair a nice, natural sheen. Fourthly, use a moisturizing shampoo and focus on the ends [of the hair]. Make sure it says “moisturizing shampoo.” Lastly, use a ceramic flat iron and curling iron. Ceramic [plates] help lock in the moisture.

I hate wrapping my hair at night! My head gets hot and by the morning my scarf is laying on the other side of the bed. Any suggestions for readers like myself who want to know how to properly wrap hair?

That’s an oxy moron just because I’m a man – I don’t have to wrap my hair. I really don’t have to maintain my hair, but I can tell you what my clients say works for them. A lot of clients who have a wrap pull it into a bun. Some people use hot rollers in the morning to give the hair more body. Play with all your options.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to hair?

Neglect! I’ve had a lot of situations where clients think they can do it themselves because they’re on a budget. When you neglect hair we have to cut a lot of it off so it will grow back healthy. Stay in the salon at all times if you can, as much as you can.

You’re in the salon dealing with hair all the time. Have you noticed any pet peeves?

Clients who feel like they’re chemists! It goes along with neglect. It really bothers me.

Johnny also recommends clients to have a picture when they come into the salon. Sometimes “people don’t know what they want, and then you try to suggest something, but nothing sounds good,” he says.

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