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"On The Run Tour: Beyonce And Jay-Z" - Opening Night In Miami Gardens


If you haven’t been currently informed governor of New York Andrew Cuomo called to have a meeting with Jay Z in support of the protests of Mike Brown and Eric Garner and Fox news reported this story labeling Jay Z as a crack dealer!! Ok “former “crack dealer but does it really matter!? Despite all his outstanding accomplishments and accolades as a black man when he’s called on by the governor in support of all coming together for Ferguson Fox considers Jay a Crack dealer and one unfit to discuss those terms with. Now we all know Jay Z is an absolute rags to riches story that is more than capable of positively encouraging our African-American Community to better themselves. He is one that we have witnessed to know that it doesn’t matter where you come from, if you keep moving forward positively in the direction of your dreams we can do whatever we put our mind to right!? I mean that’s what I get when I look at Jay Z’s past and his present circumstances. I’m honestly appalled by this one…. I wonder what jay has to say…well I’m sure he won’t be of many words… hell just make sure that meeting has an effective and positive outcome…after all that’s all that really matters….Justice for all…

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