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Fitz officially introduced Susan as the new VP. Susan, however, was not quite ready for prime time.

Olivia returned to work to try to find out where her neighbor, Lois’, body was dumped after she was murdered.

Huck’s wife, Kim, showed up at David Rosen’s office with a stack of B613 files, saying she had gotten them from her husband, Diego Muñoz. When David ran to Jake and Huck with the news, Huck had to come clean about his true identity and tell them that he is Diego.

Rose revealed to Olivia that she and Lois were more than best friends—they were lovers who met when they were 16, but who couldn’t be together because of the times.

Abby convinced Olivia to help get Susan back on board after she quit, and Liv “handled it,” as always, although with some initial hesitation.

Huck sat down with David to testify about his work with B613. For every question David asked, Huck replied, “I don’t remember.” Finally, he told him about being in the hole.

After Fitz took Liv’s advised and appealed to the Senate, Susan was sworn in as Vice President.

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