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James Robertson has slowly been adjusting to a new way of life since receiving over $50,000 in donations from all who heard of his tear-inducing story of walking 21 miles to work everyday. But his life became the hip-hop warning of “mo’ money, mo’ problems” since the altruistic crowd-funding. He’s now had to issue a restraining order against ex-girlfriend and former landlord Tanya Fox who believes she should get a portion of his money.

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The Detroit Free Press showed both sides of the story, having interviewed Fox and in offering an update about Robertson. Free Press first broke the story of his hours-long, dedicated walk to work at a plastic-molding operation that paid him $10.55 an hour. Robertson lived in the apartment building that Fox rented out to him for fifteen years and paid $880 a month. He now pays $800 for an apartment in the suburbs and is twenty minutes away from his job. Fox insists that she deserves something for putting up with him as a tenant. “He said he was going to give me $50,000 to fix up the house. James was not a neat person; he got grease all over the wall.” She plans on fighting back the order.

So while Fox claims that she is not a threat to Robertson, the deemed “local celebrity” had to acquire security to accompany his moving day because Fox and her son were harassing him. And before the restraining order, Robertson was already fearing for his life from envious neighbors who knew of his new-found stacks of cash and checks and the Ford Taurus car that was gifted to him by Detroit’s Suburban Ford.

And speaking of the donations gathered, after more than $351,000 reached, he insisted that some of the money started going towards other people in need as well.  His decisions and banking are currently being guided by the UBS Financial Services.

It’s nice that Robertson is thinking of others. He certainly knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of help which is nice, but he knows what it’s like all too well to feel like you’ve hanged out to dry or written off as some kind of lost hope. He’s paying it forward now!



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