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Mimi Faust is going to be facing off with Nikko and his wife this season on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”!

Get your tea ready now because you’re going to be sipping tons of it come April 20, when “LHHATL” returns. According to, Nikko is escorting his wife Margo onto the show, and they’re going to be ganging up on Mimi.

“Nikko and his wife are turning up and they have been plotting to take down Mimi ever since Margo moved to Atlanta,” a source close to production told UrbanBelle.

Remember when we didn’t even know Nikko had a wife? People were blown away to find out that he was married after all the sex tape drama around him and Mimi last season. It was yet more confirmation that he’s a grade-A opportunistic creep.

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Mimi may not be so innocent, though. The insider hinted that Mimi and Nikko’s relationship was fake from the beginning, and he had ulterior motives when he hooked up with her.

“Mimi thought Nikko was her friend and he agreed to date her to give her a storyline, but the whole time he was actually trying to get Margo on the show,” the tipster said. “They have been ganging up on Mimi so bad that Stevie was forced to intervene. Expect things to get violent.”

“LHHATL” got a sneak peek of that nasty confrontation in a trailer for season 4. All this mess is sure to snag tons of viewers, but there’s gossip thar Joseline is concerned about how it may affect her.

“This isn’t going well with Joseline because she’s concerned she won’t be the star of the show this season,” the source said, adding that Joseline has never been one to get overshadowed. “Don’t worry. Joseline will do whatever she has to in order to keep her star from dimming,”

No matter how it turns out for Joseline, though, casting Nikko’s wife might be a slam dunk for “LHHATL” overall.

“Bringing Margo on the show was the best thing Mona could have ever agreed to do,” the insider estimated. “This season will go down in the books and may outdo the first.”


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