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Jail Cell

Two inmates convicted of murder have managed to escape the largest prison in New York overnight using power tools.

Gawker reports:

Acting State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision Commissioner Anthony Annucci said Matt and Sweat were in separate cells and each used a power tool to cut through the steel wall in the back of his cells.

Once through the small holes, they emerged into a catwalk six stories high.

Matt and Sweat climbed down the catwalk and, again using power tools, cut into tunnels in the depths of the prison in several spots.

They slipped into a tunnel and followed it up and out through a manhole cover on Bouck Street.

Annucci called it a very sophisticated and elaborate plan.

As to how the prisoners got power tools, no one in certain, although it was mentioned that construction projects take place in the prison.

While the executed task is quite impressive, one question comes to mind: was anyone not able to hear the power tools?


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