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Back Like We Never Left

We wondered for months what the heck was up with Ghost’s future, considering that we ended season one with his identity nearly compromised (Angela thinks Tommy is Ghost), and his club shut down. Season two picks up exactly where we let off. The opening scene features the pink sneaker-wearing assassin (in heels this time) running from Truth, and she knows that failing to take out Ghost means big trouble, so she high- tails it out of NYC.

Meanwhile, the police wonder why Ghost isn’t more upset that someone (Tommy’s girlfriend, Holly) was shot right next to him. Holly is in a coma, and it’s questionable whether she’s going to live. Ghost keeps his cool and maintains that he didn’t know about any on-going beef that would have lead to that incident. Instead of calling his wife, he calls his sidepiece, Angela, to let her know that he’s okay, and to cancel their trip to Miami.

Angela Flubs

Things aren’t going so well for Angela at work in the wake of Nomar’s death. As a result, her boss gets reassigned to Michigan, and a new lead, Mike Sandoval, is brought in to oversee the taskforce. Sandoval takes Angela off the case, but you know she’s not about to let this go. She goes incognito to Nomar’s funeral and decides that Isabel, the girl who was involved with Noma (remember the peen picks he sent?), is the one who can help her fill in her half-sketch of whom they believe is Ghost.

Tommy on the Lam

Tommy, knowing that Angela is a federal prosecutor, now believes that Ghost is setting him up to go down. He hides out at his mother’s house. His mom is just as messed up as he is. They do coke together, and Tommy reveals his paranoia about Ghost. However, Mother Tommy refuses to believe that Ghost gets down like that since they grew up together. Eventually Ghost figures out where Tommy is and confronts him. This is when Tommy drops the bomb to Ghost that his mistress is a federal agent. Ghost is stunned by the news because Angie told him that she was a lawyer for the government, but womp womp guess the p—sy whipping got his brain clouded, because he should have known better. There are probably worse lies your significant other could tell you, though, right? In return, Ghost tells Tommy that his girl Holly was shot at the club. Tommy, devastated, visits a still unconscious Holly in the hospital. Meanwhile, there’s coke that needs to be moved, business is slow, manpower is dipping, and we’re just watching thinking how ridiculous these guys are with all their lovey-dovey bullshit, especially since they’re borderline sociopathic criminals.

Ghosts Keeps Quiet

Ghost makes his way to Angela’s apartment, presumably with the intention of telling her that he’s aware that she lied to him, but he gets cold feet once the punany-force gets too strong. Instead, he plays it cool, but still wonders if she had been playing him this entire time. Back at the St. Patrick residence, we find Tasha bragging to Lakeisha that Ghost is going ditch Angela, and you want to choke the daylights out of her for being so naïve. Lakeisha is hip to the game and tries to talk some sense into her, but Tasha, most likely still blinded by her love for Ghost, wants to believe what will make her happy. She’s not that naïve, though. She has been withdrawing and stashing large amounts of money here and there, probably for an inevitable rainy day.

Simon Stern Won’t Lose

Simon Stern wants to by the now closed Truth from Ghost, but Ghost isn’t interested in selling. That’s when Simon tells Ghost that he already bought the building so, either Ghost comes back to work for him as the owner of Truth or, he opens the club under another name. Ghost, always as cool as a cucumber despite the level of crisis, tells Simon that he will consider the offer. What this really means is war. Simon Stern is more powerful at the moment, but we already know not to sleep on Ghost. He’ll figure this out.

Kanan The Snake

Unbeknownst to nearly everyone, Kanan has a plan in motion to sabotage Ghost and Tommy’s operation. He almost succeeded in pitting Ghost and Tommy against each other but not quite yet—and Ghost is still alive, which means his assassin must be dealt with as soon as he can find her. When he does find her, it’s not going to be good.

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