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As much as it can be cringeworthy to watch how people, including celebrities, put so much of their personal drama out for the world to see, sometimes you get to see some adorable things too – such as public apologies and forgiveness between two people who love each other.

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This was the case between Lil’ Kim and her ex, and babydaddy Mr. Papers, who many thought would be an ugly custody battle for their daughter. Mr. Papers, however took to Instagram to apologize for the drama that ensued between him and Lil’ Kim.  And now, Lil’ Kim herself has taken to Instagram to respond to the apology.

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The caption reads:

Look at God ! …. As mad as I am and was .. How can I be mad at this smh .. This is very sweet @mr_papers …. We all make mistakes none of us are perfect , but it’s when we can acknowledge our mistakes is when we begin to grow into the beautiful men and women God intended for us to be.

I love @mr_papers and always have. we have been thru hell and heaven 2gether and have made a beautiful baby girl , we were on our way to being a very happy family but the devil has tried to intervene many of times even to the point of bringing us into court to a nasty custody battle but what the devil meant for bad God turned into good

The things that he’s done have been a hard pill to swallow and I kno it is for a lot of Kim supporters ……I still want to put some of royal ‘s dirty poop diapers in his suit case without him knowing

But this 👆mr papers is some beautiful grown man shit. this is the side I always wanted ppl to see

At the end of the day it’s all about Princess Royal Reign

And now we can move forward to being a happy healthy family and my daughter will have her Mommy and Daddy in her life

God gets the victory!!!

Thank you #teamkim and the #killerbeehive for always being there through good and rough times. After weeks of going to court…Now it’s back to the money!!! On my way to the studio team kim.

Good for the two of them. Hopefully peace will continue to reign between the two for the sake of their daughter.


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