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Lil Kim is officially ready to make her come back, and her fans need to get ready.

She might take a breather every now and then, but Lil Kim is never gone for too long. It’s been about 10 years since Kim’s last album. However, she has released three mixtapes since then.

After enjoying motherhood for the past year and a half, Kim decided that it’s time to get back to work. The Queen Bee revealed to Hot 97 that she’s been spending a lot of time in the studio.

“I’m working on a new album for next year,” said Kim, adding that she dropped a clue a couple of months ago. “I put up a post not too long ago, I was at my old record label. So maybe. Hint, Hint.”

And with new music comes some new show dates, so fans will get to bumble with the Bee pretty soon. “I’ve got a couple tours that I’m going to be a part of,” Kim shared.

Kim will hit the stage at every given opportunity because she wants to keep the love going. “I will never stop doing this for as long as my fans want to see me,” she stated.

“It’s just a joy that I get when I get on stage, and I see people happy and smiling,” Kim continued explained. “That means that maybe my music or something that I’m performing at that time might be reminding them of a good time in their life. To me, that’s what music is all about.”

Ok. So Missy Elliott’s back, and now Lil Kim. Is it too late to add another “Ladies’ Night” reunion performance to our Christmas list?


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