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Nicki Minaj is bare on the cover of Billboard and equally as vulnerable in her cover interview. The head barbie covers everything from her TV production, to Donald Trump, to relationship advice from Beyonce Jay-Z (jealous!)

Get the scoop on the Billboard exclusive:

On working on an ABC sitcom about her childhood:

I am maybe too involved. Two days ago I was in casting. I’m going back tomorrow. I found one girl who I’m obsessed with who might play me, and someone who could rival her. So I’ve been coaching them both. I do a beat, let them rap. I do little dances with them. It has been magical. I didn’t even know I had it in me, but I love children so much.

On Donald Trump:

There are points he has made that may not have been so horrible if his approach wasn’t so childish. But in terms of entertainment — I think he’s hilarious. I wish they could just film him running for president. That’s the ultimate reality show. [The interview was conducted prior to Trump’s Dec. 7 comments about halting immigration by Muslims into the United States.]

On Sandra Bland:

I did research on the Sandra Bland case. That’s why it hit me so hard. I remember speaking to other women at the time. This could have been me. I’m a sassy woman. I may have given a little bit of attitude to a police officer. I could have never come home.

On Meek Mill:

He and I are not engaged. But he said he would like to give me three rings before we get married. My birthday’s coming up, and he better get the new one, because he got [the first one] for my last birthday. So let’s see what happens.

On relationship advice from Jay-Z & Beyonce:

After our show at [Brooklyn’s] Barclays Center [in October], we [Beyonce, Jay, Meek] had dinner together. They were so giving with advice. I love them so much. It was just a beautiful conversation to have with people we love and we look up to as a couple. They’re so strong.

On Dropping a mixtape:

I’ll definitely drop a mixtape. I want to touch a couple of beats that I wasn’t on. I could have bodied a lot of the records that came out in the last year. But the main thing is, I have to set an example for female rappers. I’m at the top of that food chain, and it’s important to lead by example. And because I came into the game doing mixtapes, I want to make sure women do not forget the importance of that grind, that walk up to the top. You can’t get there with a song. Because once that song is no longer hot, you’re no longer hot. It’s important that you are bigger than your music. Some fans are going to f— with me for the rest of my life because they know where I came from. Fans know my struggle. How hungry I was. That I was not settling, I was not giving up. I was on everybody’s beat. I was ruthless.

Whettttt? A Nicki mix tape? We are so here for the lyrical bullets she’s about to spit.


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