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Looking to settle down but not able to keep a guy around long enough to do so? Well maybe you are doing some of things guys hate TOO early on…

Top 5 things guys hate in a new relationship

  1. Flirting with other guys
  • This should be obvious but some women are so used to being extra friendly they don’t recognize their actions.
  1. Public outburst

  • Leave our problems at home! If you have an argument please don’t announce it to the world on social media or while in public. This only invites other people in your relationship.
  1. Try to change your boyfriend
  • If you met me this way why are you unhappy now…? Positive change is good for anyone but if you want someone who thinks just like you, you should date yourself!
  1. Too clingy
  • We want to know you care with love and affection but there is such a thing as too much especially too soon.
  1. Not acknowledging our efforts
  • We don’t need a biscuit for every trick we do but it would be nice to be acknowledged for putting effort into making you happy.

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