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Death Row Records medallion was among items seized in Tuesday law enforcement raids on 37 gang locat

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Former singer of Death Row Records, Danny Boy announced this week that he is gay. His most popular hit was from Tupac‘s “I Ain’t Mad Atcha” in which Danny was featured on the hook. Danny Boy shares with VLADTV why he decided to come out and how his decision to make the announcement affected his children.

“I only talked to two of them, I havn’t seen my one of my sons for 3-4 years. As far as my daughter’s mom, in the beginning she bibled me down, but now its a lot of support but she loves me for who I am. She know’s me. My ex-wife took it pretty hard because she didn’t have an idea. It brought shame on her in church…but I’m in my sons life and in my daughter’s life…and thats what I’m particularly worried about is my sons.” 

Surprisingly Danny Boy stated that he wouldn’t want his sons to have to live a lie, but he wouldn’t want them to be gay either. Watch him explain why here.