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David Banner stopped by Hot 107.9 to chop it up with B High about his new project The God Box.

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During the conversation Banner discusses making music with a message that still “jams”, his growth as a man, as well as his relationship with Pimp C. Bone Crusher also stops by and they recall going from being broke to making millions and taking over hip hop as well as how money impacted their lives positively and negatively and much more.

David Banner says current rappers biting Migos style should give them credit and “bow down”:

I told America, the world, a lot of these rappers from all over the world, need to bow down to The Migos, cuz everybody is taking they damn style, but won’t nobody say they name. They talking about all the people who have all the influence but these people are rapping like these children…

Why The God Box is one of the “best rap albums in history”:

The God Box is one of the best rap albums in history…people are just gonna have to say they don’t like me, and I don’t have a problem with that, everything aint for everybody but you can’t say I aint rapping, you can’t say the beats aint jamming, and you can’t say the dexterity of my album, I havnt heard that since Biggie and Pac music, to go from to politics to what we go through in relationships, to rock and roll music, it’s the dexterity. People don’t really want hip hop or good music, they want it from their favorite rapper. I agree with Pimp C when he say we done country rap tunes because Hip Hop has always been elitist. Andre 3000 has to be in the top, but you don’t never hear that, the only reason why they respect Wayne the way they do is because he said it: “Im the best rapper alive”…

On most southerners being humble:

Most southerners are humble to a default. That’s what the church try to put on you. I’m not humble, I believe I’m a God. I believe I am made out of the same thing that God is made out of, so there’s no need to be an ass or no need to be humble.

On technology harming the “Art of Rap”:

There’s 3 ways for you to destroy something: they either tell a lie on you, say nothing at all, or share too much information…Everybody has free access, but nobody has to go through a crucible…thats why you have artists who don’t know how to relate to fans cuz they never had to do a talent show, they don’t know how to talk to people talk cuz they don’t have to go and talk to a program director. You never knew had to humble yourself. So it’s good and it’s bad because everybody feel like they can be a rapper.  One of the reasons why Black Music doesn’t sale is because its not an art anymore…

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