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How do you burn through $70 Million dollars in advance money in two years? Thats the question Lil Wayne and his legal team are asking Birdman.

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Lucky for Wayne, Monday the judge over this case ordered that Birdman turn over his accounting books to show how he burned through $70M of an advance he and Lil Wayne were supposed to split from a $100 million advance from Universal.

According to TMZ, receipts may be a hard thing for Birdman to produce:

Here’s the problem for Birdman — his peeps over at Cash Money weren’t keeping very good track of those records … for 2 whole years. Birdman’s lawyer shrugged it off this way … “It is what it is.”

So it looks like we will be waiting to see if Birdman will put some respeck on the judge’s order.

He has 30 days to turnover his books otherwise, he will have to pay Wayne a whopping $51 million dollars!!

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