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Girl receives flu shot at outdoor free clinic

Source: Steve Debenport / Getty

Hey it’s your boy Reec! Flu season is here and you know we are all in the swing of getting our children and ourselves protected from germs!!

But there has been controversy recently surrounding these vaccines and it has me second guessing whether or not I want to expose myself and my girls to this possible risk!

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For instance, I had a friend of mine who had his son vaccinated and within three days, his boy died.

And like the recent article below where a man sued a hospital claiming the flu vaccine caused his son to turn gay – and he won the $5M lawsuit!! Or what about the many celebs who have rallied against vaccine

So my question to you is, do you think flu vaccines can cause and adverse effect on children?

Check out these stories below and leave a comment in the Facebook comment box under this post with your thoughts!!

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