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Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood reacquaints us with the fellas. Ray J’s deal this season is that he’s trying to have a baby with Princess. He reveals to his boys, A1 and Safaree, that they’ve been trying to get knocked up with no luck.  Ray J is starting to wonder if it’s him so he gets the bright idea that they all should go get their sperm counts checked.


Anyway, the results of what is naturally a zany situation is that A1 has the highest sperm count at 75 million, but he and Lyrica are definitely not trying to have a baby at the moment. Safaree comes in with the second highest at 75 million, and Ray J not only has the lowest sperm count at 9 million, but he has a generally low sperm count because the average is 15 million. This could be the reason why Princess hasn’t gotten knocked up yet. The doctor’s advice is that Ray J may have to make some lifestyle modifications (diet, smoking, etc) and he might have to take medication to get his army up. No wonder he doesn’t have any kids running around that we know of. Did you see the tape with Kim? Do you remember For the Love of Ray J where Danger (who smashed the homie) had a pregnancy scare? Obviously he does not like condoms.


Moniece and Zellswag fill Masika in on their drama with Alexis Skyy from the other night and Masika refuses to have the conversation and actually walks away. It’s so dramatic and silly, but you know what’s gonna happen right? They (*coughs* production) all think it’s a good idea for Masika and Alexis to “talk” and hash out their differences. Because things like this make for great TV always go well.


Later on, Alexis actually reaches out to Zellswag to discuss her beef with Masika. She has no real problem with him, but she’s tight with Masika or, “Hosika,” as she affectionately calls her, for sleeping with Fetty Wap knowing they were together. This is enough to convince Zellswag to reach out to Masika about making peace with Alexis.

In other news, Brooke’s still married boo Marcus represents her with paperwork stating that his divorce is finalized and that they can be together. Brooke forgives him for lying in the first place, but it’s not that simple. We don’t know what show this is.


Enter  Chanel West Coast, this season’s rapper/singer chick on the come up. You may know her from Ridiculousness (or not at all for those of us who aren’t teenage boys). Chanel is and Nikki are good friends (they went to highschool together or something), and Chanel is also friends with Jade. Rich Dollaz’s ex, Jade. So, remember that time on LHHNY (a season or two ago) when Rich claimed he was dating a new woman that he wanted his daughter to meet (and his daughter subsequently wasn’t feeling her)? That woman was Jade. Remember how Rich met up with Jade to discuss some concerns he had with her (like showing up to meet his teenage daughter in pum pum shorts, etc) and then Moniece popped up unannounced? Remember how all hell broke loose because Moniece is a lunatic? So, yeah. That Jade, the one who bragged about how she has a real job (she’s a paralegal) and too busy for Love and Hip-Hop bird business. She made her way back to LA and there’s a whole lot more with Jade’s story. Here we go…

Later on, Lyrica links up with Brooke at a dance class with some tea about her man, Marcus. Basically, Lyrica got wind that Marcus is in a relationship with his paralegal, the woman who was helping him “get a divorce.” Guess what? Yeah, you guessed it, that paralegal is Jade. Jade believes that she’s helping Marcus get a divorce so they can be together. Brooke is pissed, of course, and she wants to holla at Jade before confronting Marcus. It’s about to be a girl fight. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

The episode concludes with another friendship collapse. Zellswag links up with Masika to tell her about his meeting with Alexis and why it’s a good idea for them to make peace. Masika literally loses it. She goes off on everyone, including production, as soon as he mentions Alexis Skyy’s name. She tells production where to go and that she’s calling her lawyers, and that they better get the cameras off of her because it’s never happening between she and Alexis. Then she curses Zellswag out for being complicit in production’s shenanigans, but you know his messy arse doesn’t to take her verbal abuse. He has a mouthful to say right back to her about her “dirty shoes,” etc.

Welp, that friendship is over…until it’s time for their truce talk next week, or the week after that.


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