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Do you remember how last week’s episode of Insecure ended? Issa made a major thotty move by texting a Tinder bae that she was tryna f–ck. Tonight’s episode opens on that note. Her fine Tinder bae is being played by Luke James, so you know he’s fine and he’s shirtless. They were making out and getting ready to get it popping, but Issa is so awkward and goofy about the whole thing, as usual. She realizes that she doesn’t really want to have sex and decides not to move forward with that post-break up, self-deprecation d. It’s frustrating, but definitely for the best.



Issa and her partner at work finally got some kids to come to their after school program and get praised for it. However, the problem is, the school is 86% Latino, but 100% of the kids who showed up after school were black. Basically, the principal of the school, who is Black, got the Black students to support the program in solidarity with Issa. Issa’s partner is frustrated about this, but Issa suggests they just roll with it. At least they got bodies. Plus, she’s the lead on that project so she’s trying to win at work for once.

Lawrence’s work life is going well, since he finally  got a job. His co-workers really like him and invite him to a work function where there are tons of venture capitalists looking for startups to support. Lawrence turns it down because he decided to go to Tasha’s family cookout after all.


Molly meets a man named Lionel, who is successful, has his own business, seems honest straightforward, and marriage minded, eeeek! But this is the new Molly, so she’s quite unbothered. She plays it super cool and aloof on their date then later on tells Issa that they’re she and Lionel are compatible and want a lot of the same things, but she’s not sure about that situation because it feels like he’s just checking things off his life list. You know, graduate college, get a banging job, make x amount of money, get a girlfriend, get married…

Well doesn’t that sound familiar?


Lawrence makes it to Tasha’s cookout and seems to be fitting in well. But then he gets a text from a coworker and abruplty decides to go to that event after all. He tells Tasha that it’s a work event that he should show up for and that he’ll be back.  But of course, he stayed longer than he expected and bullshits Tasha about “coming back soon,” but never actually returns. Hold that thought though.

Issa spots a neighbor that she’s fake interested in. She stops by his apartment and gets what she wanted, kind of. They have sex, but it’s super wack and she could have just have a V8, tbh, but whatever. This is peak levels of messiness and we know this is going to come back to haunt her. Meanwhile, Lionel hits Molly up because he has SZA tickets and that concert ain’t gonna watch itself, but Molly declines. She’s at home sipping wine and watching her furniture get assembled, aka #peakunbothered.  

Back to Lawrence. Several hours pass and Tasha finally calls him, wondering what the hell happened to him. He tries to play it off with a lame excuse, but she goes off on him. She calls him out on his bullshit and then calls him a fuck n–a who thinks he’s a good dude.


But we know that’s not over either.

We’ll be back at it next week!


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