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Quantasia Sharpton is suing Usher after she claims he failed to disclose he had herpes before engaging in a sexual act with her. The proclaimed Usher fan enlisted the legal help of celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Sharpton, who was 19 at the alleged time of the sexual encounter, says she attended an Usher concert, where he chose her out of the crowd. She claims Usher allegedly called her from a blocked number after the show and set up a rendezvous at her hotel. While Sharpton claims she doesn’t have herpes, she says she is speaking up for victims who may be too embarrassed to publicly speak out. “I am doing this so he does not do this to someone else,” Sharpton said reading a prepared statement.

OK girl.

The Internet wasted no time reacting to Sharpton’s appearance.

The comments section on TheShadeRoom’s Instagram page is filled with vitriolic comments about Sharpton’s weight.

USHER TOO FAMOUS TO EVEN STOOP THIS LOW🤦🏽‍♂️.. nothing against big girls, but damnn. She not even attractive. this gotta be a scheme lmao 😂💀

She said my health is very important to me. 😂😂😂😭 I’m confused asf cause we should be suing mc Donald’s too.

One commenter claimed they went to school with Sharpton and accused her of being a “pathological liar.”

Usher is currently being sued by Sharpton, another woman and a man — one of whom allegedly tested positive for herpes. Usher’s camp has yet to respond to any allegations.


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