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Source: Phillip Marquez / Radio One

M Giant showed his dedication and determination when he showed up to his interview with 1 broken arm and the other arm badly bruised and burned. He was in a bad motorcycle accident a few days before this interview was conducted.

M Giant impressed not only Hurricane Dave (VP of Operations & Programming of Radio One Atlanta) but everyone who attended Art of Radio, with his hit single “Chinese Connection.” This single shows just how versatile he can be! Watch out for his campaign this fall, as he takes Atlanta by storm!

Stay tuned for his interview with Shar Bates below and the new hit single “Chinese Connection” dropping exclusively on Hot 107.9 below:

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It’s a Premiere Industry Event that’s a celebration of the current artists that are creating new waves in Millennial Music Culture. As well as an education vehicle for Artists & Entrepreneurs looking to break into the Music Industry.

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A.O.R. & Hot 107.9 is giving away the Biggest Promo Campaign in ATL for Artists including:

  • Hot 107.9 Promo Commercials with Artists Music
  • Interview at Hot 107.9
  • Slot on Hot 107.9 Battlegrounds
  • Video Blog on Hot 107.9 Website

To perform at the next Art of Radio, Star at 404-397-8407 or Email us at











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