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Over the weekend, Cardi B was honored with the Spirit of Detroit award, which is presented by the Detroit City Council. In a statement to reporters, Detroit City Council president Brenda Jones said the award had been requested by a local radio station in honor of Cardi’s “outstanding achievement” as the top woman in rap, which is why it was given to her specifically. Natives from Detroit were confused by the award, given that B isn’t a native of Michigan, and rapper Kash Doll even spoke out saying that giving it to her was disrespectful. Now, another rapper from Detroit is jumping on that same boat. Royce Da 5’9″ took to social media to explain why giving Cardi the award doesn’t really make any sense.

Royce–like Kash Doll, who also questioned Cardi’s receipt of the award–won the award himself in 2016, and preaches that it is important for the city remember where it comes from. He says in his video, “Detroit, when y’all gonna cut it out with the goofy shit? When are we gonna stop being so politically correct? This is not a politically correct business. This record industry does not care about Detroit. Where you think the no fly zone came from? Where you think Detroit vs Everybody came from? If we don’t put action behind those words, they’re just letters on a shirt. Nothing more than letters on a shirt.” Royce doesn’t mean any harm, he makes sure to mention that loves Cardi B as much as the next person, but insists that she “don’t know shit about the spirit of Detroit.”

Though the council is staying firm on the idea that the  Spirit of Detroit Award can be requested for any “person, event, or organization” being honored for an “achievement or service,” not everyone is on board. Another Detroit City Council member, Mary Sheffield, did not support Cardi being honored. Bow Wow, Xscape, and Dru Hill have all previously received the award and don’t have any immediate ties to Detroit.

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