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Twitter Is Said to Be Discussing a Possible Takeover

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Nearly two weeks ago, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey released some new policies to try and make Twitter a safer and nicer place. Dorsey wants to take a stand on unwanted sexual advances, hate speeches, hate symbols, nudity and more. Twitter will have more of an aggressive policy and enforce punishment on those that use those on Twitter.

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Over the past couple of weeks according to Vice, many have complained about the new rules and in the UK has effected many in the “Black Twitter” community. Several black British tweeters got kicked off the platform and after began to make jokes about it. Professor Kumi OWilliams and Don Jide are known as being funnymen, One of the men said, “Kumi’s account was also being run by the Russians.” While another user said, “Free the mandem.” These new rules could possibly have someone suspended for no reason.

Some are trying to form their own platform called “Blitter.” This however is having some technical issues that haven’t been fixed yet. On that platform users can’t upload photos and is similar to the earlier version of Twitter. There is no explanations as to why Twitter removed a lot of these users, but many are questioning the change in the code of conduct.

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