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Ford Announces New Electrification Project With Los Angeles Police Department

Source: David McNew / Getty

Sneaker releases have been getting more and more intense as the years go on, so it’s nothing new for the police to get called when some crowds get a little too crazy. The very limited Cyber Monday release of the “Top 3 Gold” Air Jordan 1  was the latest sneaker to cause a scene in New York City, this time when sneaker hopefuls crowded around NikeLab’s 21 Mercer location for a chance to catch a pair. One of the people waiting in line posted a video, which shows how the scene progresses from a pretty regular line to a huge mass of people and the cops showing up.

Also according to the video’s description, the workers at the store were hand-picking people to get wristbands in order to come into the store and buy the sneakers. Sneaker News reported earlier that the entire release was cancelled prior to Cyber Monday, but according to NikeLab the release was a first-come, first-serve.

This is far from the first time that a sneaker release has caused this type of commotion. Releases over the past fews years have gone so far as being cancelled because of the insane, unsafe crowds forming around certain stores caused a concern for public safety. Events like this are just further evidence that the resell culture for sneakers is more prevalent than ever, so people will do almost everything to get their hands on a limited release.

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