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On of the most popular songs on Kanye West‘s latest album, The Life Of Pablo, is undoubtedly the smooth and sultry “Real Friends” with assistance from Ty Dolla Sign. Nearly two years ago now, Swizz Beatz announced that a remix of the beloved song would be coming out soon. Depending on your definition of “soon,” Beatz didn’t completely lie, because that remix has finally come to fruition, though it didn’t exactly come out, but rather, got leaked by someone who seemingly hacked some secret files.

The remixed “Real Friends” that Swizz teased was one with DMX on the song, which at first glance–and at first listen–sounds a little odd to add to a track with Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign. Now that the song has surfaced, it’s clear that the intro from DMX most definitely gives the song a different vibe from the original, and the stylings of X and Ty serve as a cool juxtaposition for one another.

You can listen to the leaked, DMX-laced version of “Real Friends” here  at your own discretion. There’s no telling when the song will be taken down, since it is an unofficial release.

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