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Disruption Continues To British Airways Flights After IT Meltdown

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Pretty much everyone on earth hates extra baggage fees, but it’s probably safe to say that none of us hate them as much as Ryan Hawaii. This mundane flight home turned into an insane fiasco when a man by the name of Ryan Hawaii went out of his way to not have to pay any baggage fees. According to LADbible, after spending over a week in Iceland, Ryan went to the airport and realized his sister-in-law had purchased him a ticket without baggage included. Most of us would just begrudgingly pay the extra fee, but instead of dropping $90, he attempted to wear all of the clothes at once on his plane home to London.

According to a series of tweets, Hawaii didn’t want to just save a few bucks, he couldn’t afford the baggage fee because he was “broke from being homeless in Iceland.” Ryan alleges that he only put on all of the clothes in suitcase after being told by the staff he could do so, but while waiting to board the plane security was called. He told LADbible he was “manhandled,” arrested, and claims that an officer “twisted his wrists and dug their knee into his back and head.” He was later removed from the airport.

The next day, the upset passenger went back to the airport after selling some of the clothes in order to purchase a new plane ticket–unfortunately, EasyJet refused to let him board after the previous incident. He claims that a staff member told him, “You can’t fly because you’re disruptive, you’re unreasonable and you’re a threat to the passengers and staff onboard.” His mother then sent him money to stay another night in Iceland and purchase a ticket on a Norwegian airline the next day.

EasyJet has refunded his ticket, and British Airways has opened an investigation on the incident.

Who knew you couldn’t wear more than one outfit onto a plane….

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