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Blueberry and apple streusel-topped pie

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January 23 marks National Pie Day, and there’s really no better way to celebrate than snagging a slice or two and calling it a day. One thing that might catch a few people off guard, even some big hip-hop fans, is how many times some of your favorite rappers talk about pie in their music. Kendrick Lamar, Future, and Travis Scott have all spit some bars about pies in their past…sometimes (read: most of the time), they’re not talking about the pie we all know and love, but something a little more potent–or even a metaphor for something deeper.

Whatever kind of pie it is they’re talking about, the truth remains that the word “pie” gets more than a few salutes in some popular rap songs, so lets pay homage today on National Pie Day.

“She Knows” – J Cole

“Got me up so high

Trying to get a piece of that apple pie

I be up so high

Trying to get a piece of that apple pie”

“The Heart Part 4” – Kendrick Lamar 

“Pi equals three-fourteen

The devil’s pie is big enough to justify the whole thing”

“Apple Pie” – Travis Scott

“I don’t want your apple pie, mama

I ain’t tryna dap up n****s blockin’ me

Made it out the spot, straight to quintana

And I’m still that n***a with diamonds on my blocka”

“Ether” – Nas

“Wearin’ Jaz’ chains, no TEC’s, no cash, no cars

No jail bars, Jigga, no pies, no case

Just Hawaiian shirts, hangin’ with little Chase”

“Kelly Price” – Migos

“With a blindfold, I could still whip up a pie (pie)

Never leave and go nowhere without the fire (prrr)”

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