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Girls (and guys) posting attractive and/or suggestive pictures on Twitter and Instagram are commonly known as thirst traps. Usually when one explores the comments underneath these pictures, it’s a battleground of everyone and their mama shooting their shot at the fine specimen in the photo. If we’re being honest, it can be a real confidence boost to get those thirsty comments underneath a picture, but some men are determined to change just how easily they give out compliments.

Check out this Twitter user’s photo….

From the picture and the caption combined, you can imagine what sort of replies would be underneath…but think again. Check out what dudes were really saying underneath this girl’s selfie.

And she’s not the only one who has men talking about sports, video games, and food recipes underneath her pictures. Check out another one.

Yep, men are going out of their way to have completely unrelated conversations underneath thirst traps….and to be honest, it’s pretty hilarious.


So next time you think about posting that photo of you looking all cute, maybe this twice. Or just stick to Instagram.

Good luck ladies!


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