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One of a handful of Black religious figures who President Donald Trump  relies on to defend his racism was at it again this week, after Trump took multiple jabs at Black and brown folks during the State off the Union address. 

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Pastor Leon Benjamin appeared on Fox News to comment on CBC members who refused to stand and applaud the lies Trump told at his State of the Union address. “Totally disrespectful. It gave a clear mark of what the CBC represents, which is not us—the Black families and Black people of America. They have lost their ear to our voice,” he stated.

There are good reasons why the CBC members refused to applaud Trump. The president defends White supremacy, makes it his mission to reverse Obama’s progressive policies, targets African-American athletes with thinly veiled racist attacks, and promotes policies that benefit the wealthy.


Here are a few other Black ministers who are always eager to defend the president:

Pastor Mark Burns

South Carolina Pastor Mark Burns most recently made himself look foolish defending the president for his “sh_thole counties” comment about Haiti and the African continent.

 Pastor Darrell Scott

Cleveland-area Pastor Darrell Scott has embarrassed himself when backing Trump comments that all Haitians have AIDS and Nigerian visitors to the United States won’t want to “go back to their huts” in Africa.

Pastor Isaac Newton Farris Jr.

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s nephew, Pastor Isaac Newton Farris, stood with Trump to proclaim the MLK holiday shortly after Trump’s “sh_thole countries” remark. He give Trump a pass, explaining that the president is not racist but racially ignorant.


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