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Comic-Con International 2016 - Marvel Studios Presentation

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

Marvel has nothing but hits coming for you this year, not only the highly anticipated “Black Panther” coming this month. The Huge installment in the franchise “Avengers: Infinity War Part 1” coming this may and “Ant Man and The Wasp” coming out July 6th. So lets just say these next few months are gonna be action packed. Today Marvel dropped the second trailer from the sequel to 2016 early hit Deadpool. The trailer starts off by showing off the movies new antagonist Cable, comic fans everywhere may know who this beast is but to those who don’t I’ll fill you in. Cable is a BadA** time traveling cybernetic mutant solider in the comic he can either be the bad guy or the anti hero depending on the timeline. So in true Deadpool fashion it starts with Cable fighting but his arm hasn’t been cgi’d in yet causing Deadpool to pause the trailer and takeover with a hilarious action figure battle.

Deadpool comes out May 18th in theaters everywhere. Let us know by taking our poll if you are excited for Deadpool 2!


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