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When football and game shows fuse together, you end up with one of the most exciting competitions HBCUs have ever seen.

Battle of the Rivals matches up two rival historically Black colleges and challenges their football trivia knowledge for a chance to win cool prizes. This year’s show, brought to you by Cricket Wireless, took place in Washington, D.C, with host Jamal Jimoh quizzing the contestants on their knowledge of the classic sport.

In round two, entitled “World Scramble,” Team Royal Blue and Team Light Blue had to use the clue they’re given to unscramble the football related word on their boards. The first clue was “This is a practice between two teams.” Team Light Blue answered the first one correctly, unscrambling the word “scrimmage.” They also scored a point for the second clue, ultimately winning that round, although Royal Blue got the last one correct.

There are still two more rounds, and a bonus round, to crown the winner of rivalry schools. Which school do you think knows more about football? Enjoy all of the action in the video above!

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