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Amber Rose SlutWalk 2016

Source: Amanda Edwards / Getty

Amber Rose is trying to lead another movement, following the success of her annual Amber Rose Slut Walk.

Her next endeavor is combining classical music with good old fashioned booty popping.

In an Instagram post, Rose wrote “you give back to your community, I’ll give back to mine,” under a video of her twerking to the tune of @iamthmpsn’s violin strings.

And Amber isn’t alone on the wave. This video of two ladies calmly tossing it back to soothing classical vibes has almost 300,000 views on Twitter.

Tweeter @biensur_jetaime took the concept to the next level: “Beepoleven: upscale strip club with a live orchestra instead of a DJ and strippers named after classical music like Sonata and Symphonyque.”

Who else is down to make this the last trend of the summer?

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