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Beyonce in Central for Global Citizen Festival

Source: Splash / Splash News

Everyone already considers Beyoncé a queen in the music game if not thee Queen but now it seems like the iconic artist is on the verge of ascending to deity status (if she hasn’t already).

At the Global Citizen Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa, Bey took a break from belting out the high notes instead gripped the mic and let off bars like she was starving for a record deal. Relegating Jay-Z to a mere hype man, Beyoncé let off a rapid flow that would’ve impressed Kool G Rap and have Big Pun bopping his head in the afterlife (R.I.P).

It was kinda hard to make out the lines she spit due to it being a live performance but what we do know is that the flow was lethal and she was styling on ‘em like few women in music history ever have. Naturally, the crowd went bonkers knowing they were watching Beyonce go Super Saiyan blue on them.

Check out Beyoncé get her microphone fiend on below and let us know if you’d be interesting in a full LP worth of work from MC B.


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